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  • Intellectual Property Litigation and Licensing
  • University Counselling and Licensing
  • Commercial and Complex Litigation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Catastrophic Personal Injury
For over a decade, the Shore Firm has successfully represented a broad array of clients to solve their legal problems, not exacerbate or prolong them. Our clients are often innovators; their problems require original and creative solutions. Clients trust the Shore Firm to bring an innovative approach to solve their litigation needs. We invite you to explore more information about the Shore Firm’s practice areas, matters, and team.


The attorneys at the Shore Firm are more than just intellectual property and litigation specialists. We are a highly trained group with education and experience in various fields of science and technology. Several of our attorneys possess advanced degrees, and some also have substantial experience in the business world. This diverse background allows us to communicate more effectively with our clients, and to more acutely understand how to mesh their legal needs with a solution that works best for their business. View more.